Earlier this year, we approached you to ask for your support for our project to deliver vehicles and supplies to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It’s a big deal to go out and ask for money to do something that people may not necessarily agree with, but we decided to take the risk. Your response overwhelmed us. Since then, we have raised over €20,000.

Getting input directly from the Armed Forces of Ukraine about what is most urgently required, we were able to procure over €9000 worth of trauma medical supplies, electronics, and other equipment along with the eponymous pickup for Ukraine.  We successfully handed over the pickup and all of the supplies two weeks ago to the unit we are supporting on-site in Ukraine. 

In addition, during the coming weeks, we will make a second trip to deliver a Mercedes van that will be used as a mobile aid station.  This, together with the supplies, will directly save lives.

Here is a breakdown of how we have used the funds so far:

CategoryAmount (rounded)
Pickup€ 4,400
Van€ 5,800
Medical supplies€ 8,800
Electronics€ 700
Equipment€ 200
Total€ 19,900

We told you that there would be no overhead, and we have honored that. All the funds we collected were applied to purchasing the vehicles and supplies, and all of that was placed directly into the hands of those who are going to use them. We are proud to have done this and to support Ukraine in defending its sovereignty, its culture, and its very existence.

We are deeply grateful and truly humbled by the support that you have given, and for the encouragement you have offered. It has been a great privilege for us to be able to do this project.

Talking to the soldiers in Ukraine made clear to us the boundless consumption of resources the war causes. We are going to continue our efforts, raise more money, and make more trips. We appreciate any help we can get, so if you would like to spread the word or make a repeat donation, we would greatly appreciate it. So will the Ukrainian Armed Forces. 


Annette, David, Markus, and Michael