Pickup4Ukraine – Unterstützung für Kriegsopfer der Ukraine e.V. Updates Pickup4Ukraine receives funding from SAP Restcent

Pickup4Ukraine receives funding from SAP Restcent

What is SAP Restcent?

Every SAP employee who is tax-qualified in Germany can donate the decimal places of their net salary via the SAP Restcent initiative of the SAP Solidarity Fund e.V. on an ongoing basis. Once a year, all SAP employees in Germany can suggest charitable organizations and their respective projects for support. The employees who participate in Restcent then vote to decide which projects should receive funding. Since 2009, more than 114 projects in over 37 countries have received financial support.


When we sent our application to SAP Restcent in the fall of 2023 – shortly after the association was founded and its non-profit status was recognized – we hardly dared to hope that we would receive funding. We were surprised: Pickup4Ukraine made it onto the shortlist of 20 eligible projects in the first step.

Pickup4Ukraine was then voted into first place by a wide margin by the Restcent participants:
This vote has now earned us a grant of EUR 10,000.

Thank you thank you thank you !!!

We would like to thank SAP and the SAP colleagues who launched the SAP Restcent initiative in 2009 for this commitment!

We are grateful to our SAP colleagues who voted for us to take first place!

And we are indebted to all SAP Restcent participants for providing us with such generous support for our next procurements! We will report back on how we use this significant sum.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Only together we get this done.

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