RON TV features Pickup4Ukraine

On Thursday, right before the start of our 9. transport we were packing and loading medical supplies – like for our previous transports. Together with many helpers we sorted the materials and loaded them into our vehicles. At the same time, the trench candles made by our local Ukrainian refugee community were packed and prepared for loading on Saturday. As usual, Kati Siebold and her expert guidance helped us unpack the bags and boxes of surgery materials from clinics in the vicinity, and sort them into separate containers that were then labelled and loaded into the Sprinter that we were to drive to Kyiv on April 21st.

What was different this time, was that this packing and loading activity were filmed and documented by the local TV broadcasting company RON TV. Journalist Clara Draskoczy and her cameraman filmed our preparations and interviewed Yuliia who is responsible for the trench candle production and Annette as deputy head of our charity. Please watch the video – it gives you a good impression on what we do, how we do it, and – especially – why we do it.

We say thank you to RON TV and to Ms. Draskoczy for being interested in our activities and for the publication of the coverage!

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